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Energy Solution in Action - digitalenergy announced as Gold Sponsors

Energy Solutions In Action - Digitalenergy Announced As Gold Sponsors

Implementing energy savings is a business and national requirement to make us all more competitive and achieve business growth in the UK.

Energy Solutions in Action focuses on achieving the cost benefit of available, proven and economic measures from two directions:

  • Using a structured energy management approach effectively to reduce energy use and cost

Engaging with personnel, gaining senior management commitment, managing an energy management programme in a structured and organised manner with ISO50001 and IPMVP, what Government schemes are effective and why?

  • Selecting and implementing the most effective energy saving measures

 Identifying measures that will work for your sites.  Achieving the cost benefits.  Installation and application expertise and experience.

 We will hold two discussion forums to articulate and debate these issues – an opportunity for you to gain from others experience, successes and difficulties whilst offering your issues and insight into successful programmes.

 Each forum will be delegate and solution focussed and will comprise a Chairman and four panellists from business, public, industry sectors and ESTA.  Each will give their summary view of the most important issues, approaches and solutions.  To be followed by informed debate regarding the aspects that YOU believe are most pertinent.

 The conclusions and views will be documented and made available as output from the events and used where relevant to prompt action from Government, business bodies as well as ESTA members.

 The debate can be further enhanced in the exhibition by challenging exhibitors to provide answers to the specific questions and issues raised.